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Ian Harrold 

Music catalogue

There are two types of wind ensemble music listed here


The pieces by Krommer and co. have been kindly lent to me by collector friends, and most are the first modern publication of such works.

Optional instruments

Nearly all my own pieces were written to play with friends, my own contribution being on the bassoon. Hence the wide range of combinations I have tried to please. Experience taught me that a horn player in a wind quintet was always to be treasured, and often not available. I came up with the idea of the 'quartet plus' where the piece works perfectly well for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon, but will benefit even more from an available horn player. A similar idea lay behind my Rondo Capriccioso; it was originally for the same combination as Mozart's great Quintet K. 452, but later the wind players always seemed to include a flute. This was added and the piece now appears under Sextets. My Allegro Capriccioso, its companion piece, was composed from the outset with optional flute.

If you have an alternative instrument to the ones listed herein (e.g. bass clarinet in lieu of bassoon), do get in touch. I have produced many of these over the years, and might be able to do so again!