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Ian Harrold 

Music catalogue

Here you will find the fruits of a life spent in enjoying music-making, as performer, composer and arranger. There is little that is avant garde or greatly innovative; my aim has always to try to say something a bit new within the limits of traditional harmonies, structures and, above all, melody.

Most of the catalogue is my own work, but there are also significant editions of older works (like Sullivan’s anthems, or nineteenth-century wind music by Krommer, Lessel and Pleyel) and a few double-reed arrangements by my friend, Anne Cassal.

Some of the entries (for now, wind quartets, quintets and octets) will present the opening page of the score when you click on the title or the catalogue ID. Close the panel by clicking on the red close button. Click on one of the buttons on the left to start your exploration! If anything looks appealing, please contact me to chat or order. You can email direct at the above address, or phone - it is always good to talk (as they say!).

If you really want to know my background and influences, there is a short biographical note here.

Ian Harrold

Welcome to Ian Harrold’s music catalogue

Wind ensemble music: some 19th century, some original

Church music: Services, anthems, carols

Male voice choir music

Piano duets

Orchestral light music